Car Finance Integration

Here at Auto HQ we’ve taken both the dealer and customer journey to new levels by partnering the best UK finance integration companies. Stay ahead of the competition by offering your customers the latest technology to help them finance their new dream car. As a dealer have you had customers struggling to find the right finance option? Have you experienced the awkward wait for a finance decision? Perhaps you’ve thought about offering finance online but worried about mounds of paperwork and lack of time. What if we said you can sell cars online 24/7, even when your doors are closed? Instead of the phone ringing, give your customer all the information they need within seconds of searching online.

Customer journey

Here are just some of the incredible features we offer

car finance integration
car finance integration

Dealer journey

  • Instant notification of finance applications straight into your inbox
  • Reduce admin time as no form filling in
  • Ability to manage all finance submittals
  • Provided with a lead generation tool
  • Advanced Finance calculator
  • Easy explainer video for customers
  • Customers can have a credit check

Choose the right lender for your dealership

It’s a lot more than just motor finance. Our partners offer an extensive range of additional tools and products that are aimed at helping you sell more cars.

Multi lender showroom solution for dealers, lenders and brokers. The iVendi Dealer Platform can connect to your website and manages your online leads, producing quotations from multiple lenders in an instant.

Revolution Motor Finance


Award winning V6 proposal management system enabling the dealer to calculate quick and easy quotes, either by APR or PAF, HP & PCP on screen.  APR or PAF can be fixed or discounted and commission can be fixed or hidden.

My Garage

Pre-qualify customers with our safe and secure portal. Designed to overcome the issues that can arise from delays in receiving correct proofs and documentation.

Batch Print Marketing Quotes

Quick, easy and compliant quotes displayed in just a few clicks. By supplying Evolution with your stock feed, you can print out competitive HP or PCP quotes in the click of a few buttons.

Intelligent Quote

Determine the likelihood and cost of credit without impacting your customer’s credit file. This showroom technology allows dealers to determine the likelihood of a customer being accepted and an indication of the cost of credit.


Create a more streamlined, convenient and compliant online process. Designed to streamline the customer sales experience and speed up the pay-out process for dealers, your customers can e-Sign agreements across multiple funders using our own DealerZone system.

My Car Dealer

Generates a selection of cars that matches the customer credit profile, affordability and budget. The result is proven to double your conversion of Rate for Risk customers.