Car Dealer Websites

The used car sector deserves change

We are new… and that’s a good thing

We are the newest entrants in the car dealer website marketplace, and we are proud of that. The founders of Auto HQ previously worked in retailing and ecommerce, and quickly realised that their experience in the established ecommerce field could revolutionise used car websites.

We built our first automotive site in 2016 and in that year introduced the marketplace to Online Reservation by credit card, and also 360-degree photography.

Car Dealer Websites

Car Dealer Websites

Car Dealer Websites

Car Dealer Websites

We know your customers are
demanding change

Your potential customers are not actually very familiar with browsing used car websites. After all, how often are customers in the market for a new car?

Their regular online habits actually make them more familiar with the constantly evolving technologically advanced sites out thereselling clothes, holidays, and consumer goods, that satisfy their requirements quickly. They are used to sites that are immediately engaging and hold their attention.

They expect to find what they are looking for quickly: drilling down in a few clicks to find the item they are looking for, and most importantly, to immediately process the whole transaction online.

Our fresh approach to building websites and promoting them, can help you address the growing demands of today’s used car buyer through the following features:

Smart Search

Allow customers to drill down instantly to find the vehicle they are looking for. No need to press a submit button – our technology allows them drill down by clicking each search option.

Online Reservation

Today’s online customers expect immediate results. Their appetite for instant gratification is such that they expect to at least secure a vehicle they are interested in online using their credit card at any time of day.

Your website needs to be able to facilitate the deposit transaction, provide them with paperwork confirming their transaction, advise them what will happen next in their purchase, and also show to all visitors to the site that the vehicle in question is subject to a deposit.

Finance Technology

Modern online car shoppers are more likely to commit to a car if they are pre-approved for finance. We have partnerships with all the major motor finance technology partners: Codeweavers, Evolution and Ivendi, and can therefore easily integrate your site with your preferred lenders.

SEO-optimised Sites –
Right Out of the Box

Your website is only going to be effective if it can be found. Relying on paid-for channels can bring you visitors, but organic traffic direct from Google and other free search engines is essential if you are not going to be totally dependent on the big aggregated car websites. Anyway, why would you want turn down relevant free search traffic for your site?

Our sites are pre-optimised for car dealer terms for your area, so you don’t need to pay an SEO agency to charge a fee for the quick win that is always achieved through on-site optimisation. When we build a new site for you, we review your site’s current optimisation efforts and take painstaking steps to ensure that no page rank for your domain is wasted, and that your rankings do not suffer as a result of a changing site structure.

Car Dealer Websites

Car Dealer Websites

Car Dealer Websites

Don’t be tempted to think that your customers are somehow different and don’t want to buy online. Remember these essential online facts: Customers start their search for a new car online. Period. Whether they are searching for a particular car, or whether they are searching for a dealer from which they can choose that car, their journey starts on the internet. Why would they do it any other way? They expect to commence their search in the comfort of their own home, using their preferred device (phone, tablet, pc, home automation device, etc) and they want to do it at a time that suits them.

If your website is not meeting customer expectations its time to change. Talk to us about how we can help give your customers the online experience they deserve.

Let us help you build the website
your customers are demanding

Automotve websites are what we live sleep and breath. Its our passion to make websites that make our dealers stand out from the crowd and improve their business.

Why not email us or call us today to make the first step!

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