Automotive Ecommerce

Take customers out of the market and into your sales book

Your customers need Automotive Ecommerce now

The rise of e-commerce is a powerful opportunity within the used car industry and consumer demand is strong for dealerships to process car sales online.
What’s more, regardless of the time of day, or even in the event of a localised lockdown, customer confidence and reassurance needs to be built into your digital presence.

Our ecommerce platform is a fully engaged and dynamic platform where consumers experience a transparent and seamless journey.
We recognise the need to be resilient in adverse market conditions, which is why our platform is underpinned by futureproof technology.

Automotive Ecommerce
Automotive Ecommerce
Automotive Ecommerce

Overcoming the challenges of the COVID19 Epidemic

The COVID19 lockdowns are requiring a new way of working for Car Dealers, where customers expect to easily reserve stock and to complete their entire transaction in a paperless manner.

AutoHQ’s ecommerce-enabled car dealer websites make online deposits and paperless transactions a simple process. Customers can place deposits on your website with a minimal number of clicks. The process is simple, and can accommodate trade-ins, finance sales, cash sales, and distance selling. Even when a customer is visiting your premises you can still send sales documents to their device for safe contactless signature.

The Customer journey

Automotive Ecommerce

Safety built in

The AHQ Ecommerce Module allows the customer to sign order documents on their own device – whether they ae at home or in the showroom.
A contactless handover also makes the system ideal for distance selling. The staff member delivering the car can have all documents completed at the point of delivery.
Not only does this improve efficiency and save time, it also adheres to the current government guidelines for preventing the spread of Covid19.

The customer selects a car and places a deposit

Consumers can register their interest on your website site using an enquiry form, and they can also place a deposit using our inbuilt payment gateway.
Best of all – there is no need for the customer to register or login.
They simply enter sufficient information for them to leave an enquiry or process the payment of a reservation fee.


Automotive Ecommerce

The Deal

In the backend (DMS) system, dealers can view each inquiry and build a quote.
The quote facility allows you to ‘deal stack’ adding extras such as warranty, paint protection, etc.
Importantly, this process can happen with the customer on the phone or in person. A trade-in can then be included in the quotation.
If integrated with CAP they can also gain a valuation and the dealer can enter an offer price for the vehicle.
If the customer has their settlement quotation, the settlement figure for their existing car’s outstanding finance can also be included.

Consumers can also choose to quote for either HP, PCP (subject to integration with a finance technology partner), or a Cash deal.


Automotive Ecommerce

Customer Signs an Order

Once you have all the information required, you can send the customer a PDF quote and if the customer wishes to go ahead, they can digitally sign their order.


Once the order has been created the system can optionally invoice a finance company and produce any additional paperwork that needs signing [digitally],
e.g. warranty disclaimers, distance selling disclaimers, GDPR opt-ins (or any other documents required).
At the point of handover, a signature can be collected from the customer, all paperwork can be emailed, and the trade-in vehicle taken into stock.

The entire sales process is smooth and seamless for the customer, providing a contactless experience throughout.
This is a simple, systematic process that ensures every deal has the required paperwork signed and completed, preventing common administrative oversights.

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