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Visitor Chat provides 24/7 outsourced Live Chat to the Automotive Industry, offering quick, real time answers to your customers’ questions. This impressive platform has powerful features such as bespoke design, multi device usage, detailed real time analytics and the ability to monitor your budget. Visitor Chat integrates with all Auto HQ car dealer websites, so taking the leap has never been easier.

Dealers are experiencing a fundamental shift in how potential buyers search for their next vehicle, with over 70% of consumers now conducting their initial research online. Even before they have set foot in a dealership they will already have formulated an opinion on the make, model, features and target price of the vehicle they are looking for. Visitor Chat aids the consumers decision making process by providing industry specific assistance, and mst importantly, any time of the day or night.

Visitor Chat allows you to discover new opportunities by approaching customers directly on your site, with a clear focus on generating incoming business. A dedicated agent will take the name of the visitor to your site and their contact information, passing the transcript through to you instantly. In most cases queries are resolved on the spot, significantly reducing the need for follow up calls and emails.

They offer a dedicated account manager to work with you or your web designer to create a bespoke user experience for your chat solution. Providing industry leading conversions and response times, Visitor Chat delivers a high contact rate of over 70% chat to lead rate. No additional staff are required to add Visitor Chat on your website, and you can choose from Self-managed, joint managed or fully managed option.

Auto HQ’s websites are fully compatible with Visitor Chat, and can be integrated immediately. One click, one chat and you could be ahead of your competitors in minutes.

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